NFCU Campus Development - Vienna, Virginia

Headed over to the NFCU Campus Development job site this afternoon for a meeting with the lead commissioning engineer.  We had a productive meeting regarding the preparation for the commissioning efforts and then took a few minutes to check out the progress on the site.

The main roof slab has been poured and they are preparing to begin the framing for the penthouse.  It is amazing to see the building, until now pictured only in renderings and CAD drawings, coming to life!  The size and mass of the structure is much more impressive in person than the photos or drawings indicate. 

Work is finishing up on the post-tension structure and the construction team will be preparing for the winter season.  The penthouse is next on the schedule and that will finish off the major concrete work.  Piping and hangers are currently being installed in the lower level and the chillers are being tested later this week.  It will not be long before the major equipment will begin arriving.

There should be some pretty dramatic changes in the site over the next few months!  We will keep you posted.

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