Our philosophy at Williams Notaro has always been to emphasize our relationships with project team members and not to focus only on the work.  During my tenure as a consulting engineer, I have met many interesting people.  Every once in a while, you meet a very special person who you quickly connect with and, over time, develop more than just a business relationship. Mitch Slavensky, of ACS Controls, was one of those unique individuals.

I met Mitch while working on a very difficult and challenging renovation project.  Our firm had designed a new high efficiency central plant in a fully occupied building and developed both a complex control sequence and a complex phasing plan.  During the initial construction meetings, it was clear that Mitch was excited about the control system challenges and the complicated phasing process and offered many creative solutions.  The more difficult the challenge, the more excited he was to solve it.

Mitch and I worked well together and realized we had much in common.  Over a decade of interesting projects I am privileged to be able to say that he was more than just a business acquaintance, he was also my friend.  Mitch was a pleasure to be around.  He was always upbeat, always part of the solution, had unwavering integrity, and would do anything to help you out.

After a tough day at the site, we would often go to a restaurant and have dinner, enjoy a great glass of wine (Mitch was a wine connoisseur – one of his many talents) and talk until the restaurant staff begged to go home!  Being with Mitch was like that, all of a sudden, you realize that the time has flown by faster than you realized and it was time to leave. 

Mitch passed away earlier this week.  He was extremely smart, creative, funny, an adventurer, a great story teller, and a very good listener. It was an honor to know him and I miss him.  He is survived by his wife and son.  Their loss is immeasurable and my sympathies and condolences are with them.  Mitch was special and will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Good luck on your next adventure my friend.

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