Brisk morning. The sun starting to peak out around the trees. Clean mountain air and… paintballs whizzing by?

As another event celebrating our 20th Anniversary, we decided to mark the woods and each other in friendly games of paintball. Fanelli McClain joined us in the woods making for larger and more interesting games. After splitting to random teams (the architects decided against architect vs engineer teams!), we were off slinging paintballs at each other. Even though it was a bit chilly in the morning, the adrenaline and the exercise had everyone shedding jackets and sweatshirts. Although, we soon learned that there was a price to pay for exposing more skin, ouch (most of the bruises have gone away).

There were capture the flag games, attack/defend, and good old fashioned team elimination. The teams were very even with each team winning some. The final round was a zombie/infected game. One team of “survivors” were charged with defending a stronghold for 10 minutes, while the team of “zombies” were tasked to eliminate the survivors or capture the stronghold. Survivors would become “infected” when they were shot and join the zombie team in the assault. In true zombie fashion, zombies could be shot unlimited times (perk of being the walking dead) unless shot in the head or mask. Obviously, just like all zombie stories, survivor numbers start dwindling and well… you know the rest.

Check out some of the footage in the video below. Unfortunately the camera was having a difficult time coping with the running and diving around and some of the footage was unfortunately corrupted, so some of the best games missed out for footage. Ah well, till the next time…

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