Meet Joe. Joe is our newest Intern at Williams Notaro. Joe is currently a mechanical engineering student at George Mason University and will graduate in 2018. Joe is gaining valuable experience, developing skills, making important connections, strengthening his resume, learning about the MEP world, and assessing his interests, strengths and abilities. Joe works at WN two days a week while classes are in session and will transition to a full-time schedule for the summer break. Joe is a valuable part of the Williams Notaro team.

There are some very obvious and practical benefits of hiring interns – inexpensive labor, additional help with projects, and summer availability when regular staff tends to take vacation. There are also challenges – supervision on tasks, orientation to programs and policies, and training in more specialized duties. The benefits, however, far outweigh the challenges, and can impact an organization for years to come. Building new talent, getting a fresh perspective, and providing valuable management experience for permanent staff are three of the less obvious and more hidden benefits of running a well organized internship program.

One long-term benefit of hiring interns is to find the rising stars. Interns can grow into progressively senior positions and boost the talent pool. This strategy, takes a well-planned program plan that creates an intern's development path from junior staff into mid-level and beyond. An internship program is a year round recruiting tool and hiring an intern provides a test run for what we think may be a good prospect. Grades and academic training are possible indicators of a graduates potential; however, the real test comes in excelling at the day to day responsibilities on the job.

Interns come in with a fresh slate and can provide valuable feedback to processes and procedures. As a company, we believe in continuous improvement and strive to make our processes efficient, clear, concise, and consistent. An intern's fresh perspective serves as one of many resources in developing programs and processes. Interns not only enjoy learning new experiences, they learn to create them, too. New people bring to our company fresh ideas, new perspectives and different skill sets and strengths.

 An often unnoticed benefit to hiring interns is the development of management skills for permanent staff. There is a lot to do for the staff who manage interns: train and mentor the intern, task them with projects, review their work and provide useful feedback. The skills they learn and practice while developing interns can help prepare permanent staff for roles that require personnel management skills necessary to their own career path. Permanent staff practice mentoring, effective and clear tasking, and giving productive feedback. Staff gain invaluable management skills through helping interns to thrive and succeed.

Williams Notaro has developed a proactive approach to hiring interns and co-op students. We actively seek to build relationships with school career programs and regularly post internship job announcements on school career sites. All of our internships are paid and reflect the value we place on hard work, quality, and learning. Every intern or co-op student we hire is a part of the Williams Notaro team.

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