November 2016 is a very exciting month here at Williams Notaro! 

It is our 20th anniversary and part of our celebration is the launch of our all new website,

Check it out and you will find a totally new layout, revamped navigation, new graphics, new content, great photos and lots of easy to find information on what we do.  This has been a full year in the making and we could not have done it without the hard work and dedication of Lisa McNee, our Human Resources Manager, and Chas Lowe, EIT, of the electrical department.  Both Chas and Lisa devoted every spare minute, and then some, to bring you the new on-line look for Williams Notaro.  Thanks and kudos for an amazing job.  Well done!

Lisa McNee HR Manager
Chas Lowe, EIT Electrical Engineer

Thanks and appreciation also goes out to our Web Consultant, Mark Peesel at BackLeft.  His planning, guidance, advice, tutelage, and never-ending patience made this project possible.  Everyone here at Williams Notaro appreciates all of his dedication to making our website something we are proud to share.


We hope you will explore the new site to see what is offers.  Feel free to drop us an email with any thoughts, ideas or anything you think would be interesting to add.