Design Highlights

  • Electrical utility upgrade to support the IT infrastructure upgrade
  • Redundant critical application air cooled chiller as back up to the central chilled water plan
  • Underground diesel fuel storage tank and pump distribution system
  • Three diesel generator sets paralleled for “N+1” redundancy
  • “2N” electrical UPS and power distribution system
  • Overhead bussway power distribution to the racks
  • Under floor and in-row air conditioning
  • Cold aisle containment with retractable roofs

Services Provided

  • Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing Engineering
  • Fire Protection Engineering
  • Fuel Storage & Transfer System Design
  • IT Equipment Coordination
  • Phasing Analysis
  • Bid Review
  • Construction Phase Support


Team Feedback

"The raised floor space was very tight in this operating data center and all new system components had to be carefully detailed to fit properly.  Developing our construction phasing plan helped make this project a success for our client."

Robert Williams, P.E., Principal
Williams Notaro

Our client embarked on a $50M dollar IT infrastructure upgrade at their existing 8,500 square foot data center. The facilities personnel knew that major upgrades to the power and cooling systems would be required to support the IT equipment upgrade. Williams Notaro was involved from the very beginning of the project and met with the IT and facilities staff to determine the end goal for the data center.  Based on the discussions, it was apparent that a building addition would be required to house the new mechanical and electrical systems.

Working closely with the local utility company, the team developed a plan to upgrade the existing utility service with minimal the impact to the operations of this 24/7 facility.  The existing facility was back-fed from the new service with only one short outage required.  The HVAC system modifications were closely coordinated to allow redundant cooling from the base building chilled water plant or a new independent air cooled chiller.  By thoroughly understanding the client’s needs we developed solutions that met the critical schedule without disruption to the data center.

J3 Design Collective/Confidential

Construction Cost

8,500 Sq. Ft.

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