“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”

"In one of our projects, a lighting consultant selected fixtures for a large conference room. Our quality control system requires us to check their selections, which helped us discover that the fixtures were twice the wattage allowed by the energy code. We coordinated with the consultant to reduce the wattage to code compliant levels before submitting for permit."

Chris Williams
Senior Project Manager

"Our rigorous quality management procedures train us to look at each project as a whole.  In one case, we found that the base building ductwork was undersized and would not provide the originally designed airflow, even though this system was outside our scope.  By addressing this early in the project, the tenant space received the air flow it needed."

Mark Komisarcik, P.E.
Mechanical Engineer

To maintain a high standard of quality, we developed our own MEP design manuals, CAD user manuals, and quality control procedures. These guidelines allow us to apply a consistent approach to every design solution. We regularly review our standards to improve procedures, maximize efficiency, and provide superior services and support.

Our Principles of Quality

Uphold the Client's Best Interests
Analyze each design decision from multiple perspectives to avoid cost overruns, ensure constructability, and meet the end user's needs.

Be Responsive and Available
Respond quickly and initiate coordination with team members to keep construction on schedule. 

Value Every Team Member
Interact continuously with all project consultants throughout design and construction to maximize the efficiency of the team.

Communicate Effectively
Communicate in terms that make sense by understanding the roles, objectives, and concerns of all project participants.

Manage Every Project Equally
Undertake each project with the same passion, dependability, and precision, no matter the size or scope.

Never Settle for "Good Enough"
Do not make compromises detrimental to the client.  Always strive for excellence, and demand the same from your teammates.

“Architectural design cannot be separated from mechanical substance.  The most exciting of forms always follow function.”

Ken Notaro, P.E. - Williams Notaro