"We are committed to the relentless pursuit of being the best consulting engineering firm we can imagine"

Ken Notaro, P.E., Principal - Williams Notaro


We believe that each project starts with genuine caring about the people we serve, and culminates with focused execution according to the principles we have distilled from our many years of experience.
The Television & Film Archive technical team celebrating after a collaborative effort culminating in the successful testing of a one-of-a-kind air handling unit
Serving our clients isn’t  just a  business for us.  It is a very, very personal representation of our values and our commitment to offering our clients all we have to give each and every time. 

Produce Results
Approach each project as an opportunity to establish a new “personal best” in professionalism, service and quality.

Effect Real Change
Improve peoples’ lives through a broader understanding of the buildings in which they live and work.

Develop a Meaningful Work Environment
Provide a friendly, collaborative work climate that motivates our employees to contribute and grow under the mentorship of experienced colleagues.

Build Strong Trusting Relationships
Act ethically and genuinely to create working relationships built on trust.