There are some projects that are technically challenging and more difficult than most, especially in repair and restoration projects.  These are the projects where a technical management team can excel.  Our technical project management services provide a unique approach to unique projects.  Our engineering and management experience positions us well to solve unusual, difficult problems, develop creative non-standard approaches to implementation plans, ask the right questions to proactively address "issues" before they become "issues", and to step in and support the design process when and as needed.  We are focused on getting the job done with minimal disruption, at a reasonable cost, and with as little or as much involvement as our clients desire.

As with all our services, our technical project management scope is specifically developed for each project and each client's unique needs.  Our staff is flexible.  We can act as your technical adviser or handle the entire project from inception to completion.  These services may not be what every project needs, but when you have a project that has unique requirements, technical roadblocks, or just seems impossible, that is your cue to give us a call!