Design Highlights

  • New 1250kW diesel generator on the roof of a 13 story building in downtown Washington, DC
  • Life safety generator replacement with increased capacity for additional loads
  • Emergency lighting upgrade on 13 floors of a fully occupied building
  • Fire pump controller replacement with a combination fire pump/ ATS
  • PDU replacement in the operational data center with minimal outages
  • Fuel storage and fueling system design

Services Provided

  • Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
  • Bid Review
  • Construction Phase Support
  • Witness Start-Up Testing


Team Feedback

" We coordinated with the manufacturer to design a custom distribution switchboard within the generator enclosure to comply with the code-mandated performance requirements for both life safety and stand-by generators, providing a unique solution to support the client's life safety and critical loads with one piece of equipment."

Chris Williams, Sr. Project Manager
Williams Notaro

Williams Notaro designed a new life safety/stand-by generator to replace aging equipment.  The new generator capacity was increased substantially to accommodate the fire-pump, re-feed existing life safety loads, and provide stand-by power to the data center's UPS and air conditioning loads.  Our design also included an A/B redundant power distribution system for the data center to replace the existing obsolete power distribution unit (PDU).  The lighting was re-circuited to correct personnel safety issues and code compliance deficiencies.

One of the difficult challenges was designing the 65,000lb. generator on the roof of this high rise building.  This

required close coordination with BEI and the generator manufacturer.  To accommodate the roof loading, we specified a lighter engine block and a custom enclosure, installed on a raised steel frame supported by the columns.

Through extensive field surveys, we designed a system that maintained the existing generator until the new generator was installed, while also limiting the downtime to the building and life safety systems.

Fanelli McClain/Donohoe

Structural Engineer

Construction Cost

Approximately 1,000,000 Sq. Ft.

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