Design Highlights

  • Ultra-high security SCIF Data Center
  • Stringent security requirements of DCDO, DII, JRD & NAVCOMDET
  • Both US & Japanese building standards compliance
  • Unique HVAC application suitable for a “tropical” environment
  • Smoke evacuation system (required by the Japanese standards)
  • Large high-tech data center HVAC system
  • Specialty electrical distribution & EMF filtering systems
  • Multi-level raised floor plenum system design
  • English & metric unit construction documentation

Services Provided

  • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Engineering Design
  • Fire Protection Engineering for SCIF area
  • SCIF/Base Building System Design Coordination
  • Construction Phasing Development
  • Construction Phase Services
  • Special HVAC system consulting for the Japanese Government

Design Challenges

  • Ultra-high security necessitated totally independent systems for the SCIF
  • No base building system integration
  • Sensitive coordination with Japanese Government and Japanese Contractors
  • Multiple construction document sets developed and tracked simultaneously
  • Heavy duty shielding required independent control systems.
  • All SCIF equipment specified and purchased in the US

Ultra-High Security Design

Working in a design-build relationship with Project Developers, Inc., Williams Notaro was responsible for the design of the SCIF area of the building.   This included the electrical power, UPS, standby power, precision HVAC, ventilation, and smoke exhaust systems.  Due to the extreme security requirements, all of these systems were required to be independent of the base building systems designed by the Japanese design team.  The systems were concealed under a deep raised floor using an elevation protocol that dictated where in the floor plenum each system could be installed.  This required extreme coordination between all disciplines and extensive documentation.

Additionally, we assisted the Japanese design team, as a design advisor, for the design of the HVAC system for the remainder of the spaces in this new facility.  We provided assistance and instruction in the selection, specification, and design of the base building’s HVAC system and control sequencing.   To facilitate communication between our team and the Japanese team, a Williams Notaro representative traveled to Okinawa, Japan to attend intensive design meetings.  Our assistance resulted in the design of an HVAC system that provided superior performance, efficiency and economy.

Cross, Dunning Associates/Project Developers, Inc.

Construction Cost

12,400 Sq. Ft.


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