Existing System  "As-Built" Documentation

Are your small renovation projects requiring expensive upgrades due to unforseen "existing conditions"?  Are your drawings out of date or incorrect?

Building and System CAD Documentation

How tall is the pile of existing construction drawings for your facility?  Wouldn't it be great to have them all in one spot, or better yet, a nice PDF file you and your staff can quickly access?

Site Specific Maintenance Programs

There are numerous software packages available to assist in planning, tracking, and recording all of the maintenance your facility requires.  Setting up these programs can be an arduous task.  


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Equipment Replacement

Put our extensive renovation experience to work for you when you need to replace equipment.  We can specify the latest components, all the right options, and make sure that the new component will work with your existing system.

Documentation Review

Is a tenant doing work in your building with their design and construction team?  Do you want to be sure they will not negatively impact your building or the other tenants or dramatically increase your energy consumption?

General Consulting

Have a system question?  Need assistance writing maintenance RFP's or just would like some general support when working with a construction team?  We are happy to be your technical resource!