Facility Highlights

  • Multi-use owner/occupied commercial facility
  • Office space, computer rooms, labs, and R & D areas
  • Distributed mechanical systems
  • Supplemental cooling systems
  • Over 220,000 gross square feet

Services Provided

  • Building & System Analysis
  • Computer Energy Useage Modeling
  • Evaluation of Energy Conservation
    Measures (ECM's)
  • Equipment life-cycle cost & payback analysis
  • Long term facility upgrade planning & support

Systems Evaluated

  • Condenser water system
  • Supplemental air-cooled chilled water system
  • Air handling & distribution system
  • Heating water system

img_5072sWilliams Notaro evaluated the HVAC and electrical systems, including the development of a computerized building energy model, to support the analysis of upgrade options or Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) . This included evaluating the mission critical chilled water system, the HVAC heating system, outside air & exhaust systems, and the electrical system. MITRE has implemented several ECM’s and upgrades.

The goals of this evaluation were to develop retrofit and upgrade options to:

  • Construct a computerized energy model to simulate energy savings associated with retrofits and upgrades.
  • Reduce energy usage of existing mechanical systems
  • Address operational issues and optimize the operation of existing mechanical systems

Looking for advice on long term facility planning and upgrades or how to reduce operating costs?