Ken walking the Television & Film Archive Facility
Steve performing detailed site work in  Dallas, TX


Williams Notaro is the embodiment of the principles and values of Robert O. Williams, PE and Kenneth V. Notaro, PE, both of whom share a deep commitment to optimizing their clients' experiences and providing uncompromising dedication to delivering "investment-grade" engineering services.  The firm's success is the product of a unique quality management approach that marries an unparalleled attention to detail with a "good enough is never good enough" attitude.

Over the past 20 years, our team has earned the distinction of being the "go-to-engineers" to solve facility issues, develop effective and efficient designs, and to provide technical guidance and representation.  We bring integrity, creativity, and passion to everything we do, with extensive and diverse experiences that give us the flexibility to tackle the most challenging problems while maintaining a high level of efficiency when producing a design. Above all, we genuinely care about the people we serve, and we strive to provide the peace of mind for our clients. Excellence matters, no matter what.

Williams Notaro supports projects throughout the United States including on-site surveying, construction phase support, and technical representation.  Our team is responsive and goes anywhere we are needed. 

Give us a call.  We can make even the most difficult project an enjoyable experience.

Trane 014
Bob witnessing chiller testing at the Trane Testing Facility in La Crosse, Wisconsin
Brandon investigating existing systems to thoroughly understand how they operate, in Arlington, VA


 We believe that a project starts with genuine caring about the people we serve, and culminates in focused execution according to the principles we have distilled from our many years of experience.

 Quality Management

 To maintain our high standards of quality, our project teams apply a consistent and systematic approach to the design solutions required by each project's unique criteria.

  Our Team

 Our engineers maintain a high level of  integrity and passion throughout the design and construction processes and offer innovative solutions to facilities issues and future project planning.

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