– Mark Cate, Sr. PM, Balfour Beaty Construction

“It has been our pleasure to work with Williams Notaro over the years. Their leadership at fostering a team environment has helped us to complete projects of exceptional quality. I firmly believe their approach at creating a partnership among the stakeholders brings tremendous value to the client and contributes to the success of the project.”

– Mitch Slavensky, President – ACS Controls

“Williams Notaro is not only good at coming up with creative solutions, but when we recommend different control sequences based on our experience, they listen, evaluate the sequence, and work with us to develop the best sequence for each specific system.  I believe that it makes the project more enjoyable when people are able to View Full →

-Eddie Carafa, Director Facility Management – PenFed

“Innovative, responsive, thorough, first-class, and customer oriented are all traits that come to mind when I think of Williams Notaro. We have been working with your firm since 1999, and have appreciated the level of consistency in your performance on our projects”

– Tom Petersen – ASI

“After working with a different engineering firm that had low fees, but made mistakes, costing our company a considerable amount of money in change orders, it is refreshing to work with an engineering firm that does their homework, so that the MEP systems are designed correctly the first time.”

– Tom Petersen – ASI

“In my opinion, the key difference between Williams Notaro and other firms, is responsiveness. Whenever I contact Williams Notaro with a question, I receive a response with an accurate and detailed answer within hours, or at the very least an explanation of when you will have the answer to me.”

– Ken Wakefield, Sr. Chief Operating Engineer – DTZ

“After working with numerous other mechanical engineering firms, I have to admit, that when this project (a central plant replacement) first started I was very nervous. Renovating a central plant, while maintaining building operation, requires extensive communication between all team members and very detailed and well thought out drawings. These are attributes that I have View Full →

– David Clark, AIA – Clark and Company

“I have identified two key attributes that I believe differentiate Williams Notaro from many of your competitors — (a) the level of true technical involvement of your Principals and (b) the high level of experience of your engineering team.”

– Carl Hirrlinger, Sr. VP – Davis Construction

“Williams Notaro takes the time to understand the client’s needs and does the research necessary to adapt the MEP design to both the physical space available and the existing MEP conditions. This facilitates the construction process and avoids a lengthy RFI and potential change order process which is appreciated by both DAVIS construction and the View Full →