Design Highlights

  • Multi-floor interior tenant renovation with office, executive, and client spaces
  • Both secure and non-secure space types
  • Two high-security secure spaces isolated from the adjacent office space
  • 24-hour glycol supplemental HVAC systems for computer room support
  • Executive conference facility
  • High-end finishes and design

Client Feedback

"Williams Notaro is the most forward thinking and responsive MEP firm in the industry. I would not trust my project to any firm other than Williams Notaro."

Sean Smyth, Project Manager
Fanelli McClain

Fanelli McClain/HITT Contractors

Construction Cost
$1.6 Million

55,000 Sq. Ft.

Services Provided

  • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & Fire Protection Engineering
  • Secure Area Design & Coordination
  • MEP Bid Review
  • Construction Phase Support

SRI Secure Facility

This secure multi-floor tenant suite was designed to suit the different agencies that SRI serves.  The 2-1/2 floor area included unique spaces occupied by each of the agencies.  Each agency had access to secure and non-secure conference facilities, executive conference facilities, two high-security facilities, and several common pantries.

The secure and non-secure conference room systems required close coordination with the building structure and the high-end architectural ceilings.  Most of one floor was a high-security area requiring man-bars in ductwork and dielectric breaks in piping and conduit. A 24 hour glycol system supported the computer room HVAC units and the supplemental air conditioning units in LAN rooms, telephone closets, conference rooms, and the secure areas.

The sensitive equipment and controls required harmonic cancellation equipment and surge suppressors for clean power.  A multi-zone/multi-source dimming system was designed to accommodate the many uses of the conference center.

Williams Notaro coordinated the MEP systems with the architect and the building staff to ensure that all of the equipment could be installed above the ceilings while maintaining accessibility for maintenance in this space, where architectural style and finishes were paramount.

Secure space design is one of our specialties!